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Our tour shows to locals and tourists how beautiful Street Art in the capital city of Romania is and most importantly introduces locals to all forms of Street Art, not only mural art, that draws attention most. We also add some details about Contemporary Art, Architecture and local History.
The tour is free (tip based), and the donations help us fund other projects like the Bucharest Stickerz Fest, that we manage together with local artist John Dot S. Also, part of the donations go to the local artists in the #ABstickercollab project, as we commision them to redesign our logo into colaborative stickers.
alternative bucharest


The tour is hosted by Vali, founder of Alternative Bucharest, highly passionate about Street Art


The tour is not related to big companies or touring agencies

alternative bucharest


We wear masks at the tour, before that became mandatory in Bucharest

Book now and enjoy!

Book now and enjoy!

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We only organise our tours on Sundays.
Our tours are free (tip based, only if you like it).
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