J'ai Bistrot

The J’ai Bistrot terrace is like a “couple’s therapy”. It’s one of those places where you go and, for a few hours, you forget you’re in chaotic and tense Bucharest. It’s like an oasis of relaxation and good vibes in the middle of the urban “jungle”. The people here want the beloved community they have coagulated to collaborate, to give birth to ideas and projects, and then to celebrate with a glass of prosecco in their garden. 


They enjoy getting involved as much as they can in projects and support the causes they believe in. Therefore, in 2021, J’ai Bistrot hosted Stickerz Fest, which is why the terrace is covered with stickers of all shapes and colors. 


Located just 10 minutes from Piața Romană, in a former crowded slum of Bucharest, J’ai Bistrot is one of the most interesting and