Twenty Eight Cafe

Twenty Eight Cafe was born in 2020 and the story is simple: it’s a place that connects people and cultures. With a Middle Eastern vibe, the cafe is a crossroads for people of all ages. Along with a coffee or a cup of tea, here you can discover the original story of the objects that decorate the space, arranged with great care in the smallest details. 


Located on Câmpineanu Street 23, the cafe is in a place where hundreds of people pass by every day. It’s a vibrant place, where the stories of the cafe’s decorations meet the stories of those who pass through its doors. Here time seems to dilate in the company of all those who choose to enjoy the atmosphere of the cafe. 


In love with everything that is beautiful, authentic and original, it was a perfect match between the people here and the Street Art culture in Bucharest, which is why we really enjoy this location and highly recommend it!