Bomb Dis Place @Zona Liberă Butic

To warm up for the second edition of the Stickerz Fest, we gathered 2 months prior to do some proper bombing at Zona Liberă Butic in Cișmigiu and to exchange some stickers with the locals. Also organised an Experimental Calligraphy workshop with Mosek, who brought his frind SNRE and together they showed some mad Calligraphy skills to our students.

Photos not available.

Bomb Dis Place @Fabrica Grivița

After receiving more than 22000 stickers for the first edition of Bucharest Stickerz Fest, obviously we couldn’t slap them all at J’ai Bistrot so we had to create a new event concept to use those left. That’s how Bomb Dis Place was born. A smaller Stickerz Fest that would basically do the same thing: give Romanian stickerheads a reason to meet, exchange and admire the little shaped art type that we use to ,,bomb’’ the location of our event.
Two workshops were organised: Stencil with John Dot S and Graffiti lettering with Hopa One.